During this set of articles we have discussed the use of badges, points and most recently the awarding of penalty badges. Displaying the badges will contribute towards employee psychology in 2 different ways.

  1. The one who earns it feels proud about it
  2. The one who hasn’t wants to achieve it

This article will focus mainly on the 2nd type of employee motivation and how extension to the usual badges component can drive better behavior.

 One of the fundamental concept in Gamification is to make the objectives well set before the game begins. The races knows how many laps to finish or the soldiers know whether it’s to defend the border or rescue someone. Likewise the process of earning the badges should also be transparent so that anyone who wants to achieve that particular badge can go and get it.

The picture on the left is a sample image taken from the foursquare app created for iPhone. Here we can easily notice that there are certain unlocked badges as well as certain badges in color gray. Mainly this is the objective setting that we were talking about. Not only it shows the badges you have achieved but also it shows certain badges you can go and get provided that you work hard towards it. There are 2 important facts to consider when showing the badges you can unlock

  1. The way to unlock should be well defined (10 more check-ins at Gymnasium to achieve Gym rat badge)
  2. Employee should be able to unlock the badge by working towards it. (Showing successful client calls badge to a non-customer service staff is totally irrelevant)

So when defining the badges you can unlock should properly see whether is it worthwhile for this particular employee to try to achieve it. So it’s essential that you personalize the process and show only important and relevant badges as the badges you can unlock

On the other hand the process of earning the badge should be interactive as well. One such way to achieve is to show another kind of badges (Probably in a greenish color) where the employee is so close to achieve it. Whenever the employee visits his profile he sees that there is a badge which, upon completion of  1 or 2 tasks successfully, will be visible in his or her profile. Like it can motivate the general audience to go to a gym, supermarket or a particular city slightly earlier than usual because he or she wants to unlock the badge, same happens in the workplace where the employee will be keen to complete the task a day to two earlier to receive the badge.

Meanwhile rather than showing that the particular employee close to earn the badge, it’s also an option to show them how he or she can earn the badge with few more details.


  1. Hey there are 14 Interviews scheduled to this week and if you volunteer to interview 2 more within today, you can unlock the “Super Interviewer Badge”
  2. Company is looking for Junior to Mid level financial consultants, why don’t you refer 1 of them unlock the “Talent Grow Badge”

Now it not only tell the employee what to do, it also shows a clear, viable path to achieve the badge. Since the message is personalize and appeal to individual basis, the employee will be motivated more. Besides since now, it’s the employees who are volunteering, the task of HR and Resource Management is getting easier because now they don’t need to go looking for people who are free enough to conduct the junior level interviews.

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